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When is the release date? I am aiming for this year! It's nearly finshed.
What platforms will KNUCKLE SANDWICH be on? It will be available on itch.io and Steam for home computers.
What kind of game is KNUCKLE SANDWICH? It's a turn-based RPG with very short (around 10-15 seconds long) minigames mixed into the battles.
What kind of RPG elements are there? There are stats, leveling up, items, equipment, and special attacks (these are minigames). The game is pretty light on RPG features otherwise, but there is still a good amount of customisation.
How long does it take to beat KNUCKLE SANDWICH? It's roughly 10+ hours to beat the story.
Will KNUCKLE SANDWICH be on consoles? I'll announce that if it happens. Please don't message me about this!
Will it be localised to different languages? I'll announce that if it happens. Please don't message me about this!
Can I help out on the game? I'm not looking for any additional collaborators. Please don't message me about this!
What is KNUCKLE SANDWICH being made in? GameMaker Studio.
What games inspired KNUCKLE SANDWICH? Pokémon, Contact, Superstar Saga, Rhythm Heaven, Killer 7, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and WarioWare.
When did you start working on KNUCKLE SANDWICH?

Long answer: I was originally working on a flash game of the same name back in 2013. It is very, very different to the game I made now, but some of the characters and locations are the same. In 2015, I started to remake it as a bigger game with GameMaker Studio. I eventually overhauled everything and started fresh with a completely different story sometime during 2017.

Short answer: A really long time ago!

Will the Kickstarter backer rewards be available to buy later? Those items are specific to the campaign, sorry!
I have another question that isn't listed here! Feel free to ask it in the Discord!
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